4 Questions To Ask A Car Rental Company Before Hiring Their Services

We need to hire cars for different reasons. As policies of different car rental companies vary, it is only natural to get puzzled at the time of hiring a car. Some questions help us to get a perfect idea about the policies. Here you’ll find four questions that you must ask a car rental company such as Epic Rentals Kerikeri before taking their service.

1. What are the insurances included in the rental deal?

This is an important question to ask before hiring a rental service. Some companies include some insurance with the rental deal; other companies don’t do it. 

That’s why there might be some confusion. If you know the specific things for which you have paid, you can easily take decisions at the time of riding. Also, if you don’t like the available insurances, you can purchase additional insurance.

2. Can I extend the time by calling on the phone?

There is no surety that you can return the car before the rental period ends. Several problems might cause you to be late. That’s why you need to know if the option of extension is available or not. 

If there is an option to extend the rental period, you don’t have to pay a late fee. In most of the cases, the late fee is much higher than extension fee. 

3. What to do if I face a mechanical problem? 

A mechanical problem is common when it comes to cars. So, you must ask about the help they provide in that situation. Some companies offer their own tow trucks and experts if you face problems on the road. A few companies will ask you to fix the problem on your own.

Before hiring a car, it is better to know what to do when the car stops running. It helps to get you prepared for such unforeseen situations.

4. Should I return the car with a full tank?

Some companies charge some extra money if you don’t return the car with the amount of fuel you rented it with. On the other hand, other companies don’t demand that the fuel be replenished.

It is better to know about it before hiring the car. If you return the car with an empty tank, some companies will charge a per gallon fee that is more expensive than filling the tank on your own. 


If you don’t have a clear idea about the policies of the company, there is a chance of getting fooled. These four must-ask questions will help you to avoid the tricks employed by some car rental companies.

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